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Demitri's® Extra Horseradish

Demitri's® Extra Horseradish

Demitri's® Extra Horseradish

$ 16.50


Demitri's "Extra Horseradish", just like the name says, they had lots of people telling them they loved the seasoning but wanted more Horseradish... so they saved them the trouble.  Great aroma and zesty horseradish experience with this one.

16 oz. Concentrate, add tomato juice.

About Dimitri's®:

In 1988, one man set out on a quest to create the perfect Bloody Mary. Some said it couldn’t be done. Some doubted the man’s will power. Some critiqued his concoctions. But, our unlikely hero battled on.

One year and countless “experiments” later, Demitri Pallis finally had it: the Bloody Mary to top all Bloody Mary’s that had come before. Bottling his creation, our pioneer produced four variations of the delectable blend: Classic, Extra Horseradish, Chilies & Peppers and Chipotle- Habanero.

Since then, Demitiri has been on a mission to share the best Bloody Mary mix supplies with the world, delivering satisfaction at the bottom of each glass of tomato juice and vodka.

News of the delicious drink spread far and wide, and the name Demitri’s has become synonymous with the best Bloody Mary mix supplies on the market. Our hero’s concoction can now be found at grocery stores in all 50 states, and is the mix of choice at countless bars and nightclubs.

So, whether you are discerning cocktail party host seeking the best in Bloody Mary mix supplies or a business owner searching for Bloody Mary Mixes for bars & Restaurants, Demitri’s is the only name you need. Delivering consistent flavor, a Demitri’s Bloody Mary is perfect every time, in no time.