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Addition™ Curry Cocktail Spice

Addition™ Curry Cocktail Spice

Addition™ Curry Cocktail Spice

$ 24.00


Curry is a mix of many savory herbs and spices used most famously in South Asian food. Addition’s take on Curry goes best with big, powerful whiskeys. Try adding four or five blasts to a scotch and soda – the smoky, peaty richness of the scotch is enhanced by the deep savory complexity in Curry Cocktail Spice!

4 fluid oz. 45% ABV


About Addition

Addition Cocktail Spice is designed to bring all the spicy and savory flavors you can find in a spice cabinet to beverages everywhere.  Just a few drops will add complexity and unexpected flavors; Cocktail Spice makes it easy to customize your drinks to suit your specific taste. Try Curry Cocktail Spice in your favorite drinks and foods!